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About us

About Us

NordicElks was founded by the entrepreneur Jonathan Elgh, who himself felt frustration when he wanted to realize his ideas. A perfect end product can be a big challenge, especially technologically. To succeed with your startup, you need a strong goal-oriented team with innovative points of view, high focus and who enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.
In 2018, he brought together a group of talented people who, with their combined knowledge and experience, succeeded in simplifying the path to the perfect end product.
There and then, the idea of ​​an innovative web agency that understands the entrepreneur's challenges was born. Running a startup is the most fun there is, but can be a big risk if you can't navigate quickly and safely through the technical jungle. We at NordicElks want to change that!
Ever since then, we have had the honor of developing apps and creating websites in a number of different industries such as social media, restaurants, events and more.
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Earlier Projects

We have had the opportunity to work with many different exciting types of projects.

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