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We Develop Apps Websites for Startups

We Develop Apps & Websites for Startups

Do you need an app or website for an exciting new business idea or an existing company? We help you go from an idea to a finished product with a focus on high quality and competitive prices.

Our Process

The different steps to realize your idea are simple and clear. You have full visibility at all times and can follow the progress. That way you always stay up to date with the continuous updates.


We brainstorm ideas for your project and analyze the different possibilities. Then we discuss how we together can achieve your desired end goal in the best possible way.


We create a UX/UI design that is user-friendly, modern and looks good. For us, it is important to combine function with an appealing exterior, as both are required for a complete experience with the customer.


Our developers create your product using the most suitable technology. With the help of our know-how and experience, we look at the uniqueness of each project and can thus tailor your product exactly the way you want it.

Examples of functionality

You set the boundaries, but here are some examples of functionalities to choose from.


Flexible logins with email, social media, bankID.


Let users chat with each other. Create group chats, send pictures, videos and gifs.


Use the google maps api to create everything from simple maps to advanced navigation.


Secure payments by card, paypal etc

Profile page

Let users introduce themselves via a profile page.


Let users take photos, apply filters and publish in your app.

Earlier projects

Earlier projects

We have had the opportunity to work with many different exciting types of projects.

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